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Tour Of The Capital City Of Sofia



Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is one of the oldest European cities. Its beneficial location at
crossroads and the hot mineral springs have influenced the emergence and development of the

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Excursion To Plovdiv


Plovdiv is the oldest still living city in Europe continuously inhabited since 6000 years BC.

Famous historical monuments include the Roman Stadium, the Ancient Theater, the charming Old Town and more. Plovdiv is a spectacular city combining millennia of history

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Dobarsko and Deshka house

dobarsko-churchA visit to Dobarsko where an old church in this traditional village is the highlight of this excursion because of the very impressive paintings that can be found in this church including a painting where Jesus is presented using a vehicle similar to a space craft.

Lunch in Deshka house in G. Draglishte.

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Dancing Bears Rehabilitation Park, Belitsa

bears 8

Тhe bears that were forced to dance on hot surface by the gypsies can now be found in their new home ‘The Dancing Bears Rehabilitation Park’ in Belitsa founded by Bridgitte Bardot and foundation Vier Pfoten.

This park is situated 33 kilometres away from Balkan Jewel Complex and is found among natural forests, valleys and water areas.

This activity is a nice experience for young children and animal-lovers because they will have the opportunity to watch these bears with only a fence dividing them. Read More >>>>>


Cave Exploration

yagodinska-cave-stalagtitesMost caves in Bulgaria can be found in the west part of the Rhodope Mountains. The most famous cave is the Yagodinska cave which has prehistoric paintings, stalactites and caves pearls. One day trips can be arranged including guide, transfers and lunch.

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Wine Tasting Melnik,  Rozhen Monastery, Rupite



The smallest town in Bulgaria (230 inhabitants) is well known for its tempting and delicious red wine traditional production. It is a known fact that Roman Emperors ordered wine from this village in early times and this tradition is still living till today. This one day tour to Melnik passes from Karlanovo to visit the Sands Pyramids and then continues to the Rozhen Monastery where one can get in touch with the phenomena of tranquility and serenity. This tour highlight is the wine tasting session and traditional lunch in Kordopulova Museum House.

This Tour can also be combined with a visit to Rupite

temple-of-baba-venga Rupite

This village includes a small mountainous protected area and is best known as the place where the Bulgarian supposed clairvoyant Baba Vanga lived and was buried. The area is in fact a crate of an extinct volcano, its appearance being shaped by the volcanic hill of Kozhuh. The thermal springs and the church and house where Baba Vanga lived can be visited.

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Rila Monastery & Blagoevgrad


The largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria is the Rila Monastery named after famous Bulgarian Saint and hermit Ivan of Rila. This monastery is surrounded by the Rila Mountain and to arrive to it a nice drive of about 1 hour takes you through splendid scenery. Up in the mountain one can breathe the fresh air and imagine how this Saint lived in the 10th Century in a cave without any material possessions. This tour is ideal for religious believers but also for people that love nature and want to come in touch with this sacred place. A lunch and a guide can also be arranged.

This tour can also be combined with a trip to Blagoevgrad

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 Velingrad Old Train Journey

 velingrad train journey.

A beautiful Journey on a 100 year old narrow gauge railway train going through the mountains and villages form Bansko via the highest train station in the Balkans to Velingrad.

Where there are over 90 mineral water springs


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Mineral Springs in Bania and Dobrinishte


Only 15 km away from the Balkan Jewel Resort there is the village of Bania, famous for its hot mineral springs. There are more than 70 mineral springs with average temperature of 58° С. The open swimming pool with mineral water, the public bath and the old Turkish bath (built in 1735) are an attraction for tourists.

Nearby the complex there is also another balneology resortDobrinishte. There are about 17 hot mineral springs in the town with an average temperature of 30 – 43° С. Balneo-treatments are offered in the public mineral bath and the open swimming pool.

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Eco Village Kovachevitsa and Leshten, & Ognyanovo Hot Springs


These two traditional villages can be visited together in a day trip. Their authentic look and the revival houses will help you come in contact with the Bulgarian culture and customs.

The thermo swimming pool in Ognyanovo could be visited upon request. There you can spoil yourself with spa treatments

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Kavala ( Greece ).Sightseeing and Beach


Kavala is the nearest beach of The Balkan Jewel Resort.

Visit this Greek town where the modern and the very old exist in harmony. Then let’s go to the lovely beach before heading home.


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Thessaloniki (Greece)


Thessaloniki is the second-largest city in Greece and the capital of the region of Central
Macedonia as well as the capital of the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia and Thrace.

The highlight of the tour is the city’s symbol – the White Tower, one of the 16th Century. It is the only surviving fortified tower on the seafront. The rest of the walls are in the picturesque Upper Town which offers a spectacular view over the bay, especially in the late afternoon.

Visiting the Byzantine church Agios Demetrios built in 7th century ACE and seeing the other churches Agia Sophia (Holy Wisdome, 9th Century. ACE), St Nicolaos Orfanos. We will not miss the the Rotunda, started life as a Roman temple of Zeus, built by ceasar Galerius, and is almost as old as the Pantheon in Rome. Next to the Rotunda, see the Arch of Triumph of Galerius and the ruins of his palace. Shopping in the center.

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Alistratis Caves ( Greece ).

Alstratis Cave Greece.

One of the most beautiful cave in Greece. Very interesting and impressive with stalactites and stalagmites in the cave mostly because of the difference of their shapes and their age. Including: visit to Drama Town in Greece, sight seeing, shopping and guide and transport.

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Island Of Thassos Greece

 Thassos Island Greece

Thassos (Greece) –
Thassos is one of the islands of the North Greece – Eastern
Aegean. Thassos is an attractive place with beautiful sandy
beaches and traditional villages with incredible mountain vistas.
There are more beaches than on any of the other Greek Islands.

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