Balkan Jewel Resort Area Betolovoto, P.O. Box 62 Razlog 2760, +359 747 98 111

The Balkan Jewel are happy to provide you with full

Ski Services ( See Prices Below)

Bansko is the most popular ski resort in Bulgaria.

Part of the world snowboarding and skiing cups are help here.

For full calendar of Ski and Snowboard events please see here>>>

If you’re not quite up to world cup standards and even if you are we will be happy to advise and assist you in anyway.

Our Ski Services include:
Ski hire, poles hire, Ski boots hire,  Ski School,Children’s Ski School, Full ski packages, Snowboard hire, Soft boots hire & Snowboard School. Clothing rental


Equipment Storage

Whether you are skiing, golfing or doing any other adventure or extreme sports, we have a place for you to store your equipment  free of charge for all guests of the Balkan Jewel Resort.

Complimentary Transfers

We also offer a complimentary transfer to and from Bansko Center, Bansko Gondola Lifts, and the Pirin Golf & Country Club on schedule. The service is free of charge for all of our guests. 

Milena Head Of Customer Service and her team are always on  Hand to Advise and assist you


  • All prices are in Bulgaria Lev. 

Ski prices 2018-2019 Bansko

Ski prices 2018-2019 Bansko

 Please Contact us on +359 747 98 111 or email


Milena Head Of Customer Service and her team are always on  Hand to Advise and assist you for Prices & Availability

Ski and snowboard lessons bansko 2017 - 2018

We look forward to assisting you

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