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Pirin Mountains

The stunningly beautiful Pirin Mountains are a mountain range in southwestern Bulgaria, with Vihren (2,914 m high) the highest peak. Pirin Mountains

Excellent for trekking, hiking, mountain biking off road driving, river rafting, fishing and of course home to one of the best ski slopes in Europe , the range extends about 40 km northwest-southeast, and about 25 km wide. Most of the range is protected in the Pirin National Park. The mountain is named after Perun (Cyrillic: Перун), the highest God of the Slavic pantheon and the God of thunder and lightning.

To the North, Pirin is separated from Bulgaria’s highest mountain range, the Rila Mountains, by the Predel saddle, while to the south it reaches the Slavyanka mountain.

To the west is located the valley of the Struma and to the east of the Mesta Rivers. Flora In Pirin

Brown bear in Pirin BulgariaPirin is noted for its rich flora and fauna. Much of the area is forested, with the best conifer woods in Bulgaria, holding important populations of the Balkan endemic species Macedonian pine, Bosnian pine and Bulgarian fir. Animals include the wolf and the


The town of Bansko, an important tourism and winter sports center, is situated on the northeast slopes of the Pirin Mountains. The town of Razlog lies in Razlog Valley between Pirin Mountains to the south and the Rila Mountains to the north.

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