Balkan Jewel Resort Area Betolovoto, P.O. Box 62 Razlog 2760, +359 747 98 111

Tourist flight with Moto Delta Planer*

To see the beauty of the area through a bird’s eye is a great experience.

moto delta planer tour bansko

Tour Prices:
15 minutes tour (offers panoramic walk over the Razlog valley and Pirin Golf Club. Machine
rises up to 300-400m above the ground.) – 95 BGN / 49 €
30 minutes tour (makes a circle over Pirin Golf Club and flies to the gondola lift in Bansko) –
165 BGN / 85 €
60 minutes tour (starts with an overview over Bachevo, Katarino, Pirin Golf Club, Bansko
and ends in Razlog) – 120 BGN / 61 €
*Prices are per person and include equipment and the pilot
*Available all year round

The track is located near the town of Razlog in direction Godlevo / 3km away from Razlog and
10 km from Bansko /.
Important information
– If the weather allows (no strong wind, rain and snow) flights can be done throughout all
– The best time for starting the tour is 08:00 – 09:00 a.m.
– The planer can take only 1 person at a time.


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