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#4 Mineral springs provide the best relaxation Time

#4 Bania and Dobrinishte Mineral springs provide the best Relaxation

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The region around the Balkan Jewel is famous for its mineral springs, situated about 6km away from the Bansko, they made the area famous as more and more tourists come to the WELL-BEING centers.

What is your favorite past-time activities ? If it’s not taking a long, relaxing, warm bath in a pool filled with mineral waters, you definitely need to try this!

Mineral springs are natural springs produce water with high mineral content and can be used for various therapies. The water can be really hot or warm and can be cooled by mixing it with already cooled water from the same spring.

The mineral waters have a beneficial effect upon the muscles.

The warm water relaxes the muscles and reduces the tension accumulated in them. There are also other health benefits of mineral water, but you will have to discover them yourself.

Add to this the benefits of our own well-being center and what more could you ask ??

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