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#1 Summer sports are the lesser known secret of Bansko

#1 Summer sports are the lesser known secret of Bansko

If you choose to visit Bansko during the summer, you can still enjoy the local landscape and spend time outdoors. Hiking , mountain biking and Horse riding are among the most popular picks. The mountains are amazing and there are many trails to follow. Some are one day long, while others are especially made for serious hikers who want to test their climbing abilities for several days. Camping trips are also common adventures, as there is nothing more exciting and relaxing than spending an entire week in the nature.

Road to nowhere mountain bike rally 2016When it comes to mountain biking, Bansko is a new hotspot; a decade ago no one knew about this picturesque resort but today you can find more than 1,000 km of amazing trails. You can hire a local guide to show you the best trails and make the most out of your adventure.



river rafting bansko bulgariaRafting and kayaking are other major attractions of Bansko. You can pick the Struma river or the Mesta river and enjoy the fabulous valleys which unravel in front of you. What’s great about Bansko is its untouched state, which offers a rare sight nowadays.


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