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Dobarsko Church & Rila Monastery ToursRila-Monastery-1-0Rila Monastery

The largest and most famous Eastern Orthodox monastery in Bulgaria is the Rila Monastery named after famous Bulgarian Saint and hermit Ivan of Rila. This monastery is surrounded by the Rila Mountain and to arrive to it a nice drive of about 1 hour takes you through splendid scenery.

Up in the mountain one can breathe the fresh air and imagine how this Saint lived in the 10th Century in a cave without any material possessions. This tour is ideal for religious believers but also for people that love nature and want to come in touch with this sacred place. A lunch and a guide can also be arranged.
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Dobarsko Church & Rila Monastery ToursDobarsko

An old church in this traditional village is the highlight of this excursion because of the very impressive paintings that can be found in this church including a painting where Jesus is presented using a vehicle similar to a space craft. In Dobarsko one can also visit the 24 metre waterfall while ending this day tour with a very typical lunch in one of the traditional Mehanas.
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