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#8 Lots Of events are keeping the fun alive

traditional mummers and dancers live @ Balkan Jewel

The area around the Balkan Jewel Resort is sure to keep you entertained all year round, as it is the place of multiple cultural events, which can spice up your holiday.

We’ve already talked about the ski season, which opens in January or December and brings a lot of artists near the slopes, opening a season of skiing and having fun. "Pirin" Cup 2016

We’ve also discussed about the tradition of Kukeri and their scary masks. But we didn’t talk about all the other events in the area.

In May, the area is the host of a folklore fest called “Between three mountains”, which presents authentic Bulgarian and Balkanic folklore. In the month of May, Bansko is the place where multiple traditions fests are held.

Празникът на Българската розаThere are many cultural exhibitions to visit, where you can hear traditional songs and see customs brought alive again, as well as national folk dances. Bulgarian humor is also present at this fest, which represents the opening of the summer season.

In July we see the  Road To Nowhere Mountain Bike Rally , and in August Pirin Signs ,and the opera festivals

One of the staple events that take place in Bansko is the annual Jazz Fest, which gathers jazz singers from all across the Europe. The fest takes place in August, in the main square of Bansko and the entry is free. The jazz festival is the most important of its type in Bulgaria and many international singers attend it. You can hear and see Freddy Cole, Soon Kim, Milcho Leviev, Teodosi Spasov, Boogie Wolf and many other jazz stars. The town is spiced up by the jazz festival, which brings thousands of tourists and jazz music fans.

A lesser known fest is held on 5th October, when Bulgarians celebrate the Day of Razlog In 1912, in the Holy Trinity church, poet Yavorov and Bulgarian leader pronounced the town free and asked the locals to throw away their Turkish hats. For people of Razlog, this day has a political and spiritual meaning, but tourists can enjoy the concerts and festivities which take place on this day.

A you can see there are many many things to keep you occupied no matter what time of year you visit the Balkan Jewel Resort !!

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