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#7 Winter sports made Bansko famous

skiing in Bansko

Not far from the Balkan Jewel Resort, the town of Bansko is, and will always be, famous for its skiing resorts and winter sports opportunities. When it comes to skiing, at Bansko you can find high quality slopes for the expert skier as well as for the very beginner.

If you still have doubts in terms of quality, you need to know that Bansko’s slopes hosted the World Cup for Alpine Ski, as well as for other regular competitions. If there is not enough natural snow, the 60 snow canons can work at full speed to compensate for that and make sure the skiing is in full bloom all the way towards April.

Bansko skiing and snowboarding mapThe total length of the ski tracks is 75km, the longest track being 16km long. Out of the 16 tracks, 90% of them have snow canons and there are tracks that have lights to allow night skiing. The most difficult track is Tomba, named after the Italian skier Alberto Tomba. The highest point of the resort is 2560, which makes the presence of the cabin lift highly appreciated by the tourists, who can use it to travel from Bansko to Banderishka Polyana.

Apart from skiing, Bansko offers the perfect opportunities for other winter sports, such as snowboarding. At the local resort, snowboarders can build their own custom slopes and practice according to their skills.

If you are looking to skate, you can find an open-air skating ring in the middle of the town, which is open for the entire season.

At the Balkan Jewel we have an onsite ski chalet where you can rent ski equipment, buy ski passes and also book ski lessons.

We also offer special discounted skiers packages for the ski season.

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