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#5 Museum Houses of Nikola Vaptasarov, Neofit Rilski and House Velyanova

#5 Museum Houses of Nikola Vaptasarov, Neofit Rilski and House Velyanova

The area around the Balkan Jewel Resort offers many museums and one of the most popular destinations is the House of Nikola Vaptasarov, a poet who lived between 1909 and 1942. The museum narrates the story of his entire life, from cradle to death; it was founded in 1952, being the first museum in the town.House of Nikola Vaptasarov,

Vaptasarov was born in this house. In his early years, he was influenced by communist ideas and his writings caused him to get arrested and imprisoned by the fascist government. He was tortured and suffered a lot during his imprisonment, yet managed to keep his strong antifascist beliefs. He even wrote a famous poem while he was awaiting his execution.

Inside the house functions an Art Center that delights tourists with permanent and temporary cultural events, from exhibitions to scientific meetings and forums. There is also a permanent ethnographic exhibition, which presents authentic, handmade souvenirs and objects of art.

If you are looking for more art, you can find it in almost all the parts of the museum complex at Bansko. The architecture of typical Bansko houses from the period of the Revival, between 18th and 19th century, can be seen across the complex.

Benina House


At the Benina House, where the Museum of Neofit Rilski functions, you can admire the impressive architecture.

The Velyanova house is one of the best examples of Revival architecture, being built in 18th century and decorated with fretworks made by Velyan Ognev and intricate wall paintings.

This house was declared a national importance monument and is presented as a model of the local Revival architectural

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