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 Dancing Bears of Bansko are now relaxing in their own natural park

dancing_bears_parkThe Dancing Bears park,Belitsa is situated in the Rila Mountains and has rich forests and untouched rivers – the perfect environment for the brown bear.

The name of the park comes from the old, and now illegal, training method of bears. Not long ago, baby bears were captured from the woods and forced to “dance” on hot plates. With time, the bears learnt to “dance” each time they heard the music, thus they quickly became an attraction for the unaware tourists.

Now the practice is illegal – it was prohibited in 1998 – and the bears were taken away from their cruel masters and brought to the natural park, located at 1200m above the sea level. Within the park, bears are allowed to return to their natural behavior, under the close supervision of veterinarians and trained caretakers. Tourists can visit the park and watch the brown bears, from a safe distance, in their natural environment.

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