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13 Jul

Spotlight on the Yagodinska Cave

Spotlight on the Yagodinska Cave Imagine exploring a cave which was home to inhabitants during the Eneolite (4000 years BC) and the bronze era. Amazing! Wouldn’t it be fascinating for you and in particular for any little explorers and adventure lovers you might be traveling with? Oh and if you’re thinking of getting married anytime soon read on. We...
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9 Jul

Bansko in July

Bansko in July July is a great time to come to Bansko, its a beautiful time of year. There’s so much happening and the weather is warm and you can get a suntan … but its not too hot.  
23 May

Autumn in Bansko

Hello Autumn There’s absolutely nothing like Autumn in Bansko. The weather is a combination of continental and Mediterranean influences, which means that the Balkan Jewel Resort & Spa is a favourite destination for those travellers who want to experience the magnificence of Mother Nature and enjoy a rejuvinating holiday. Autumn boasts temperatures around 10-25°C, gradually decreasing as winter...
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18 May

Group Holidays in Bansko

Group Holidays in Bansko Group vacations, breaks or get togethers are a great time to build relationships and have fun together. That’s why the Balkan Jewel resort & Spa is so awesome: there’s enough room for everyone. When you’re traveling with family, friends, and large groups, it’s great to stay under one roof together. Space...
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9 May

Your Best Investment Yet – Balkan Jewel Luxury Mountain View Villas

Your best investment yet.  Say hello to the new luxury mountain view villas We’re over the moon. thrilled and so excited to launch the Balkan Jewel Homes and Mountain View Luxury Villas collection is now available for sale! Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you! It’s really happening! See for yourself here.  Now’s your chance...
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14 Apr

Dhalia Awards 2018 inc Balkan Jewel Team

Balkan Jewel Team in Malta at The Dhalia Awards 2018 Great video below from the Dhalia awards in Malta for which some of the Balkan Jewel Team flew over, at which Kimberley from the Balkan Jewel Team was also awarded an excellence award. I can’t say well done Kimberley as I’m writing this post 🙂...
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14 Apr

Soldiering On Awards 2018

  Chris of the Balkan Jewel nominated for the Soldiering On Awards 2018 Very Good luck to Chris at the Soldiering On awards on the 20th April       2018 AWARDS FINALISTS          
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